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The 2nd Engineer Regiment is housed in Linton Military Camp that is situated approximately 10 km South of the City of Palmerston North.  Raised on the 1st of July 1993 the Regiment is the only major Engineer Unit in the NZ Army.  Linton Camp has been known throughout the Army as the traditional home of the Engineers.  The School of Military Engineering first moved to Linton Camp in June 1953 but now comes under the Control of Army Schools in Waiouru.


To assist in maintaining the mobility of our own forces, deny freedom of movement to the enemy, and provide general engineering support.


2nd Engineer Regiment is to provide Engineer Force Elements to win on operations.


Commanding Officer - Lieutenant Colonel Don Jones, RNZE


Executive Officer - Major Pete Curran, RNZE


Training Officer (S3) -


Adjutant - Captain Joe Tortoro, RNZE


Accounting Officer (S4) - Captain Jay Roberts RNZALR  


Regimental Sergeant Major - Warrant Officer Class One Darrin Waitere, RNZE


Training Warrant Officer - Warrant Officer Class Two Ed Haerewa, RNZE


Works Warrant Officer -


Regimental Quartermaster - , RNZALR


Military Plant Foreman - Warrant Officer Class Two John "Scratch" Flintoft, RNZE


GIS Cell - Captain Michael Emery, RNZE








In December 2003 The School of Military Engineering was separated from 2 Engineer Regiment by the Chief of Army (CA) and returned to Under Command of the Land Operations Training Centre (LOTC).  This now means that SME reports to HQ LOTC, which is part of the Land Training Development Group (LTDG).  SME continues to reside in Linton Camp.

School of Military Engineering Profiles

Chief Instructor  - Major Rowan Wallace, RNZE
Senior Instructor - WO1 Darryl Solomon, RNZE
School Sergeant Major - Warrant Officer Class 1 Brent Wilson, RNZE
Wing Sergeant Major, Trade Training Wing - Warrant Officer Class 2 Brendan McDonald, RNZE,
Wing Sergeant Major, Combat Engineer Wing - Warrant Officer Class 2 Phil Albert, RNZE


The Corps of Royal New Zealand Engineers has been accorded the honour of the Freedom of the Borough of Levin dating from 7 February 1959.  2nd Engineer Regiment exercises this right biennially on behalf of the Corps. 

3 Fd Troop of 2 Field Squadron based in Burnham Camp just outside Christchurch has the Freedom to Akaroa.  




This mission operates annually from Aug - Feb and involves teams of personnel supporting Antarctic New Zealand and the US Antarctic Programme activities in NZ and on the Antarctic continent.  Personnel (incl. the McMurdo Terminal Team and Scott Base support staff) deploy to Antarctica for approx 5 months fm Oct-Feb (Summer Season) annually.  Attachments to the Antarctic annually throughout the season include Engineer Construction Teams. 


The charter of this force, which is funded by the United States, Egypt and Israel, is to ensure the observance of the Camp David accords between Egypt and Israel.  Multinational Force and Observers (MFO) Sinai is a tri-service contingent of twenty-six NZDF personnel deployed to the MFO. It comprises two Engineers, who manage the maintenance of the MFO's remote sites along the border.


Following the attack on Sep 11 2001 on the USA, a British lead mission was established to ensure the safety and security of Kabul in Afghanistan.  In Jan 2002 New Zealand sent the first of its commitment to the force and a further group of staff officers was deployed in Mar 2002 to the HQ International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) with one Engineer Officer as LO to UNEOD and another Engineer Officers in Infrastructure/ Works. New Zealand has also sent a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) to Afghanistan to take over an already established operation by the United States.  The PRT is based in Bamain Province, and included in the team are a number of Engineers who are working to better the security and reconstruction efforts in the area.

SERVING SAPPERS REPORT (as at December 2010)


The last couple of months have seen the majority of 2nd Engineer Regiment move towards collective training as either a troop or squadron size activity supporting other major units within the NZDF. Not to forget skill at arms and RNZE corps sports in late august, this resulted in 25 Engineer Support Squadron winning both the rugby and soccer. 2nd Engineer Regiment has also been the duty unit for 2nd Land Force Group and the wider NZDF. This has meant that we have been particular busy in providing Guards and Escorts for various ceremonial events throughout the country.

25 Engineer Support Squadron

25 Engineer Support Squadron construction troop has bee heavily committed to several minor vertical construction and repair tasks in both Ohakea and the Wellington area. Plant troop moved to Waiouru and started their horizontal construction with road maintenance to the Westlawn area and the realignment of roads out to paradise valley and this is still ongoing.

2 Field Squadron

2 Field Squadron also conducted troop and squadron size activities on various exercises and unit training. Boating, Demolitions and urban training was the primary area of training. The highlight has to be the combined arms training with 1 RNZIR on exercise Stalingrad which utilized combined engineer and infantry sections attacking urban areas. 2 Field Squadron also continued to support the Officer Cadets on exercise Takrouna throughout the month of October. They also conducted several civil aid tasks on exercise Cat 1 in the wider Manawatu area.

Regimental Headquarters

Workshops continue to maintain our equipment. Emergency response squadron (Fire troops) are still supporting the fire course at SME and conducting emergency response. GIS (Geographic Information System) continue to support 2 Land Force Group with their new Battle Lab technology. Works cell still busy keeping ahead of the task sites as well as providing quality assurance.

School Of Military Engineering

SME still continues to run our corps individual training courses whilst the SME apprentices continue to work with either 25 Engineer Support Squadron or civilian contractors on the various minor construction tasks around the Manawatu.


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